Verne Luchinski

Guitar Designer & Builder

Verne is also a Singer / Songwriter, Musician, Performer, and Cartoonist.

Verne L. Custom Models

Your guitar is an extension of your inner creativeness…it is more than a tool. It is your musical partner. Your muse. My guitars are built to be just that. Your partner, not an opponent to overcome in battle! It should be inspirational to look at and inspirational to play. That’s what I offer.

Random Axe Basic Models

Paying dues is part of the learning experience. It doesn’t mean you should have to struggle to play your instrument. Good sounding and great playing guitars should be within everyone’s reach. Random Axe guitars are impressive line of guitars made from parts I have sourced and approved as great quality that will last a long, long time. There are guitars priced within everyone’s budget: from beginners to pros.

Quality Used Models

 I have bee playing and collecting guitars for over 56 years and have many great used and prototype guitars available for sale at great prices. Check out my current inventory and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask me. I might know where to get just the right guitar for you!

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