About Verne

 I started playing guitar in 1968. Two amazing things happened in 1969… The USA sent astronauts to the moon and I got my first electric guitar. Then, in 1971 I got to play a neighbour’s Fender Telecaster at my first gig and I have been a HUGE fan of them ever since! I performed and taught music up to and including now. I always loved Leo Fender’s guitars in addition to Orville Gibson’s creations and I do mean ALL of them! All my heroes either played  Fender® Strats, Tales, or Gibson® Les Pauls, SGs or 335s and I always wanted at least one of each!

Fast forward to late 70’s and into the 80’s when I was gigging regularly, I realized that my favourite guitars were the ones built in the ’50s and 60s. They were what I considered “perfect” guitars…. almost. I heard of a fellow (Glen McDougall) in my hometown (Saskatoon, Sask) who was building very highly praised guitars, so I went over to his shop to meet him. He had started building guitars in ’62 because “he didn’t like Fenders or Gibsons”!! He showed me how he built everything from scratch and I ended up with one of his guitars! It was a flawless specimen indeed, however I ended up playing Strats and Teles and Les Pauls for the next 30 years.

In the back of my mind I thought it would be amazing if I could find somebody to build me Strat and Tele style guitars with a few slight improvements (these guitars were CLOSE to perfect, but I thought I could make a few great adjustments). In 2018 I met a guitar builder who could do just that and my first prototypes were built. I was super pleased with them and here I am today doing what I love: designing and building electric guitars and you get my best ideas incorporated into the best designs ever created!


(255) 352-6258
1234 Divi St. #1000, San Francisco, CA 94220
M-F: 5pm – 11pm
S-S: 3pm – 12am